H001 – Small Huddle Space

Compact and Efficient Huddle Room Design: This template offers a streamlined solution for small-scale collaborative sessions, featuring Innomesh room control and an integrated AMX keypad. With a videobar, single display and 4 sources including wireless BYOD, it’s perfect for 1-5 participants – ideal for quick and focused collab sessions.

Budget range

20 months

Template in use

About this room

  • Huddle
  • Room Type
  • Small
  • Room Size
  • Innomesh
  • Room Control
  • 4
  • Sources
  • 1
  • Display
  • 101+
  • Rooms deployed
  • Space CE
  • Underlying Technology

Template specification

  • Template Type Huddle
  • Sources 4
  • Displays 1
  • Underlying Technology Space CE
  • Times Deployed 101+
  • Size Small
  • Seating Capacity 1-5
  • Sector Education
  • BYOD Yes
  • Controller AMX
  • Room Control Innomesh
  • Motorised Screen No
  • Preview Monitor No
  • Collaborative Pods No
  • Laptop Input Yes
  • PC Input Yes
  • Touch Panel No
  • Template age (months) 0-12 months
  • Network Capacity (ports required) 2

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It was an absolute privilege to be a part of this ground-breaking collaboration with Innomate.
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The Innomate team and their delivery methodology allowed USC to effectively workshop system functionality and user interface design prior to installation. They were invaluable to the project.
by Hayden Leiper
AV Systems Team Lead, University of the Sunshine Coast
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